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A Dream that Ignited Many Memories

March 15, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Last night, I had such a weird dream (as I’m sure most of us have had!).  In it, I was 10 years old and it centered on spending time with my cousins in the summer.  I heard so much laughter…

I saw my grandmother vividly.  She and I were very close.  She passed away from complications of a brain stroke when I was 22, she was 72. I miss her so much.

I couldn’t help but think how my life has been many years after.  From my innocent years of 10 playing ball, hide- and-go-seek, or just running around aimlessly until my cousins and I got tired to where I am today.

Where do I even begin to thank my parents for giving me such a colorful and healthy life? And I thought, wow… my parents worked really hard to give a life full of affection, generosity and kindheartedness to me and my brother.  Boy, are we lucky!

When we were little, our parents did the best they could to care for us.  I remembered when my brother and I visited them during summer off college; we’d go out with our friends at night.  As soon as they hear the door open, regardless of how late it was, they waited for us and turned off their bedroom table lamps when they knew we arrived safely at home.  It was sweet.

I wondered when parents will ever stop worrying about us.  But, I guess that’s how parents are – we will forever be their babies even if we have our own babies.

As a family, we are very close.  We do thank for being each other’s tower of strength. So, I called my mom a few minutes after I woke up and shared my dream.  It’s not that I don’t say how much I love her enough but this time I said, “Where do I even begin to thank you and dad for the life you gave to me?” She listened as I poured my heart out with gratefulness.

Yours Truly,


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