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Be a Kid Again!

September 7, 2015
Blog- Be A Kid Again

We often hear that marriage can turn stale, reach it’s plateau, be boring, lack excitement, and other “not very pleasant” adjectives to describe a husband and wife relationship that needs major rescue from the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” routine.  Keeping your marriage fresh is very important to the success of any long-term, committed, faithful relationship.

Why not be a kid again? Here are some ideas:

  • Grab a coloring book (any!) and just spend time coloring!
  • Hand wash your car and when you see your husband/wife near you…spray him/her with water or dump your soapy bucket on his/her head!
  • Pillow fights are fun!

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

September 5, 2015
Blog - Surprise Husband

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

From my previous blog, “Chad’s Birthday Dinner on a Boat” and “Romantic Wedding Vows”, I shared two things: (1) was stuck coming up with Chad’s birthday idea and (2) our wedding anniversary is coming up really soon!

Here I am again… with the same dilemma, I’m stuck with a wedding anniversary idea!

I have something “cooking” right now. BUT, it requires a lot of planning; so I’m hoping that I pull it off! It will also require me to tell a “white lie” to Chad. I guess white lies are OK as long as it’s for good reasons, right?! I’m excited with my idea! Just please keep your fingers crossed for me. Stay tuned.

Yours Truly,


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Newly Weds

Free Replacement for Albums Damaged by Natural Disasters

September 2, 2015
New Album Photo

Yours Truly guarantees that we only make quality albums. When we say that your heirlooms can be passed on to future generations, we mean it.

Our quality guarantee extends to uncontrollable situations like natural disasters. If your precious wedding album is damaged by fire, flood, tornado or hurricane, we will replace your album for free. We repeat, we will replace it absolutely for FREE.

It’s the same as saying that your album is insured. This is how we define “memories to last a lifetime”.

Before your photos get damaged, give us a call so we can start making your ultimate wedding album. Click on the photo below to register for FREE!

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