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Yours Truly, Zoe

Who Wouldn’t Want a Wedding Album?

July 31, 2015
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Last Sunday, Chad and I attended my friend’s wedding.  It was lovely and intimate.

While waiting for the wedding ceremony to start, I noticed another couple who had just gotten married taking photos with their photographer (and an assistant shooter) by the church’s garden. Because we have an online wedding album business, my first instinct is to wonder if the bride and groom hired the photographer and included a wedding album with their photography package. I told Chad that I wanted to talk to the assistant shooter and ask him out of curiosity. Of course, he didn’t stop me at all.

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Zoe's Thoughts

Stay Active with Yours Truly

July 29, 2015
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My friends say that it’s easier for me and Chad to pack up our stuff and go somewhere on weekends since we don’t have little ones. I couldn’t agree more. Since we can just “pack-up our stuff and go”, we might as well take advantage on these precious times before we commit ourselves to a baby.

The great thing about our relationship is that both Chad and I are “planners” of our social events. We balance each other that way. For any upcoming weekends, I threw in an idea to Chad that I want to do something active together and not just walking or running, but going somewhere that we can do activities together.

He started his research and landed on the website, Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana! The choice is perfect and I can’t wait to go there. The best part for me is the Aerial Adventure Park, which in researching further is one of the most popular activities on their mountain…it’s an “obstacle course in the trees” !

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Which photo should make it to the album cover?

July 27, 2015

You are probably looking at tons of photos from your wedding and having a hard time deciding which one will make the perfect wedding album cover. Especially if you have chosen our Photo Cover Style (Click here to check out our three album covers), the selected photo has to be the best.

Our talented designers are always available to help you! However, we’d like to give you a few tips on which photos are the best choices for the cover.

Here is our Top 5 wedding album cover favorites.

1. Post wedding ceremony shoot

Minutes after the wedding has ended and before you join family and friends at the reception, your photographer and your wedding planner will whisk you away for a romantic photoshoot with your new spouce. Since the photographer has more of an opportunity to be creative and with the bride and the groom still in euphoria after a beautiful wedding ceremony, you can usually find the best wedding images here.

Post Wedding Ceremony Shoot  Photo reference

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Chat Soon by Chad

Reason why brides don’t have albums

July 24, 2015
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Designing a wedding album isn’t so easy.

Many brides that opted not to order an album from their photographer think it’s going to be less costly (and easier) to order an album online. The truth is, for most brides it’s not.

For starters, it’s hard to find a professional quality wedding album online. There are a lot of online photo book companies to choose from….but not many offer Flush Mount Wedding Albums.

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Most photo book companies provide software for you to use in designing albums. Some even offer wedding themes. The truth is that most album services are very basic, the design ends up looking very “templately”, and they don’t tell your story the way it would if it were designed by a professional album designer.

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Zoe's Thoughts

Wonder What Life Would Be Without Your Partner?

July 22, 2015
Joe and Marisa live in Brooklyn Heights, with amazing views of Manhattan -- so the engagement capital of NYC has personal meaning for them. 

12-image "Brenizer Method" panorama with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4.
Ryan Brenizer Photography  Blog. Photography tips, wedding photos, events and portraits from New York City and beyond

I can’t even begin to tell you how much this question makes me sad when I think about my life without Chad.

Although there’s no telling what lies ahead of us in health, success, romance, family, and others, one can only wish that we have it all.  But, in reality, life challenges us in many ways. We just need to be prepared on how and when adversities are thrown in our lives. I truly believe that adversities make us stronger mentally and emotionally.

Take your time to ponder what life would be like without yours truly. It would be a different world for me. After I write this blog, I will quickly scribble a note to Chad and tape it on our bath room mirror so he won’t miss it.

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Yours Truly, Zoe

How Long Does It Take To Produce A Wedding Album?

July 20, 2015
Blog- London

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

I just got an email from Rosie, a newlywed from New York. She was just married to the man of her dreams six days ago and they’re about to begin a month-long honeymoon trip in Europe.

Some members of Rosie’s family are living in London and were not able to attend her wedding here in the US. They are very excited to see her photos when she visits them in one of their honeymoon stops in the UK.

Their scheduled Europe trip will happen in 28 days or in 4 weeks! So Rosie wants to find out if her wedding album will be ready by then if she decided to order one from Yours Truly today.

A lot of you might be in similar situation. Or you just want to know how soon can we finish your wedding album.

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Zoe's Thoughts

Stay-cation: New Way to Spend Quality Time Together

July 18, 2015
Blog- Chicago 2

Chicago, Illinois has many great attractions to offer to tourists; but, not only for the tourists, to the locals as well.

So for this Summer, Chad and I decided to enjoy Chicago for a nice “Stay-cation”.  We took off work for a long weekend.  Our list of activities included:

  • Stay at a hotel that we’ve not stayed before – we’re curious of this hotel’s customer service because as business owners, we’re very much aware of what a great customer service should be. We thought we can continue to learn from others.
  • See a Musical Play
  • Go to an Ethnic Restaurant that we’ve not been to – the winner was a Peruvian Restaurant in the city
  • Walk along the lake – we walked for almost three hours
  • Have drinks at a Piano Bar
  • Experience eating breakfast at an “All Orgranic, All Green, All Vegetarian” restaurant. – boy was that tough for me or what?
  • Take an Architectural boat ride (didn’t happen!)
  • Ride a Tandem Bike (almost happened… but didn’t…we were running late for our dinner reservation!)

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Mid-New Year’s Resolution Update

July 15, 2015
Blog- Mid Year New Year's Resolution Update

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

So June had passed and July is almost coming to an end.  I forgot to report to you Chad’s and my progress on our New Year’s Resolution . (Read first blog here – Love, Life and Leisure: A New Year’s Resolution) So, below are our updates in bold.

2015 Goals:

Chad and Zoe’s Relationship Development

  • Continue to build on our solid foundation and NEVER EVER take each other for granted! – Right on Target!
  • Continue our weekly “date nights” on either Thursdays or Fridays – On Target…but honestly, we miss a few.
  • Continue to celebrate our anniversary in Louisiana where we “officially” started dating  – It’s coming up and we do plan to celebrate it there.
  • Spend more time with our friends Yup – we have our monthly calendars in check!
  • Begin our plans to move into a new home to start a family – Yikes…no movement here! Still “on the fence” with the whole “baby thing” – we need to get YoursTrulyWedding Albums really solid and off the ground.

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Summer Wedding Dresses for Guests

July 13, 2015
Blog- Female Wedding Guests

You probably have seen and read hundreds of magazine features about bridal gowns and what’s in and out for 2015, the next season and the next years to come.

But what if you’re not the bride and you’re just attending a wedding to show your support for a very close friend who is tying the knot. Do you deserve a guide too?

Of course you do!

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Over at Pinterest, we created an entire board filled with more than 50 inspirations of drop-dead outfits for female wedding guests. If you’re the bride, feel free to email this link together with your wedding e-vite!

Click on the photo below to view these beautiful outfit suggestions.

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Number of Photos in a Wedding Album

July 11, 2015
Blog - Number of Photos in a Wedding Album

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

It’s a great day for another Q&A here on the blog. Feel free to ask anything about weddings, relationships, marriage, and our favorite topic… wedding albums. I will try to provide you with the best answers!

And so without further ado, here’s another question we got straight from our email.

Question: How many photos should be included in a wedding album?

Answer: I would like to say that sky is the limit! That’s your album and it’s your own special memories that you want to preserve so it’s your call.

However, we have to put into consideration the cost that’s needed to make your album. It makes sense that the more photos, the more pages and spreads are required so the price of your album would be higher.

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