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April 2015

Zoe's Thoughts

Perfectly Pretty Packaging

April 12, 2015
Blog Image - Perfectly Pretty Packaging

I’m a big fan of the classic 50’s style such as Audrey Hepburn’s black Swing Rockabilly Party dress with a bold splash of color inspired by Kate Spade.

Combining the two qualities make any styles elegant and timeless in my book.

Blog Image - Kate Spade Final

Our Yours Truly Wedding Albums come in a perfectly pretty album packaging of a sheen textured black Box (sometimes white) wrapped with a bold fuchsia colored bow.  And, it doesn’t stop there.  We protect your wedding album with the same bold fuchsia and bright deep orange colored tissue.  It’s a perfect match!

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10,000 Likes for Yours Truly on Facebook!

April 11, 2015
Blog Image - 10000 Facebook Likes

The Yours Truly Facebook page in December 2014 and 4 months later, we already have 10,000 likes!

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Yours Truly Wedding Albums family. We’re excited to be working with you in making your precious wedding memories last for generations.

Like our Facebook page here – for more updates on the latest in wedding albums, contests, promos and inspiring wedding stories!

Every couple deserves a wedding album. We in Yours Truly are looking forward to more fun and more wedding dreams coming true for you and your special someone! 🙂

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Yours Truly, Zoe

It’s Healthy to be Alone on a Friday Night

April 9, 2015

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

It was a busy week for me and Chad.  He was out of town Monday and Tuesday.  I watched the Yours Truly fort while he was gone.  When he came back, I scheduled back to back meetings during the week (which he asked if I can please try not to do this again especially after being gone for two days… I said I was sorry :'( ).  When Friday came, I wanted to go home; but, he wanted to stay at work.  It was actually a good decision for him.  He needed to get caught up with emails and all his notes from the business trip.

I went home alone…took my time to change from work clothes to sweats.  While thinking of what drink I should have to end the week… for a moment, I enjoyed the quiet Friday afternoon after work.

I poured myself a glass of wine, grabbed a business book about, “Effectively Managing Your Time”, curled up in the couch, then enjoyed my first sip of wine of the week.  Aahhh…it was a simple thing… but heavenly.

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Celebrity Wedding Album: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

April 7, 2015
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Wedding Main Photo

Pop star Justin Timberlake married actress Jessica Biel in 2012 but their wedding album-inspired cover in People Magazine remains to be one of the best wedding editorials to have ever been published! Why? Because the magazine talked a little about their celebrity friends, the bride’s dress and the expensive wedding ring. The feature focused on the couple’s love story and the real romance during the ceremony and the reception.

Like JT and JB, you can have your own celebrity wedding album too! That includes hiring a very good photographer and an amazing wedding album company.

Give us the photos and we’ll take care of the rest or you can work with us side by side. Here are the layouts you can choose from – Yours Truly Wedding Albums Designs. We encourage you to always pick the layout which narrates your own love story.

Let’s take a look at the rest of the photos and the layout from Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake’s magazine wedding album which should inspire you to grab your own!

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Zoe's Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts: Movie Night

April 4, 2015
Blog Image - Movie Night

It’s been a while since Chad and I saw a really good romantic comedy movie that made us laugh or say… “Aawww”.  Our classic favorites (cheesy or not) are: There’s Something About Mary, My Best Friend’s Wedding, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail and Pretty Woman to name a few.

I’m dying to see another one – either a classic or any that has been released recently.  Do you know of any?  Give me some ideas… please???

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An Easter Wedding

April 2, 2015
Easter Wedding Setup

An Easter wedding is quite challenging to pull off. Easter is a busy event for Christian priests that booking for a church wedding on this day is close to impossible. Your Catholic guests might have also reserved Easter to be a family day, making the RSVP-ing more difficult than it already is.

For brides, however, who like the challenge and would love to mark an already big day with another big celebration, an Easter wedding is a dream come true. I’m glad to have attended one last year. Let me take you to a virtual tour of what the wedding was like.

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