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Share Details From Your Unique Wedding!

April 29, 2015
Unique Wedding

If in case you missed our previous posts, Yours Truly Wedding Albums is celebrating uniqueness this wedding season of May and June.

We are currently hunting for the most unique wedding moments; may it be your wedding cake, your bridal gown, a playful engagement shoot or the wackiest family portrait with the bride and the groom! If your photos are ready, email to

The prize for the winner? – a professionally-made wedding album! 🙂

You can check the full contest mechanics here: YOU-nique Wedding Photo Contest.

To give you an inspiration of which photos to show us, we are posting here some of the best unique and original wedding items and photos we’ve seen!

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Don’t Forget Mom and Dad

April 27, 2015
Yours Truly Parent Wedding Albums

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Mom and Dad deserve their own album from your wedding (especially if they helped you with your dress and walked you down the aisle!).

Our Yours Truly Parent Albums are exact copies of your main Wedding Album, with a digitally represented leather and photo cover. These make Parent Albums such unique Gifts for Mother’s Day (May 10) and Father’s Day (June 21)!

Parent Albums

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Remember Your Wedding Album “Colorfully”

April 25, 2015
YT Albums

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

One of my favorite parts of our Yours Truly Wedding Albums is the album covers.

Between me and Chad, he is more attentive on the quality of our album manufacturing from page to page. He takes the lead in guaranteeing that our albums are made with really good quality materials.

But, for the first time since he and I have started Yours Truly Wedding Albums, I was engaged and motivated in designing the album covers that market to brides by coordinating their wedding color theme to the album cover.  Feature the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses, your flowers or even your own wedding invitation as an accent color.

You can choose to personalize your covers with any genuine leather colors and highlight it with a splash of second leather color of your choice.

Here are a few samples of our “Colorfully Covers”…

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Zoe's Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts with Zoe – My Time to Read

April 24, 2015
Blog Image - Picnic

Chad FINALLY finished reading “Love in the Time of Cholera” book!  That was an almost 6-month stretch!

So guess what I will be doing this weekend?  I will attempt to start reading the book.  I thought of maybe going to a park and pack a sandwich, some fruits, flavored sparkling water and cookies in a picnic basket while I lay on a blanket under mild sun rays and a cool breeze of the spring.

Aahhh…can’t wait for a relaxing weekend.  Chad will have to plan something else to keep him busy. 🙂

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June Weddings: Best Summer Venues Part 1

April 22, 2015
Cover Photo - Wedding Venues in the US 1

Four weeks left and the wedding season will officially begin. It’s gonna be too late if you ‘re getting married in June and have not chosen a venue yet. But if this is the case, slow down with the panicking as we enumerate the best summer wedding venues this season.

Also, if your wedding is scheduled in July or early August, we’re sure you will love these suggestions too!

Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, SC 

The beautiful Ashley River and the 1786 waterfront estate as backgrounds in your garden wedding are both breathtaking! The bonus is the panoramic sunset which should make your photographer’s job easier.  Reference:

Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, SC Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, SC - 2

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Zoe's Thoughts

Our Classic Wedding Album Layout

April 20, 2015
Blog Image - Simplistic Layout

From my previous blog, “Perfectly Pretty Packaging” – I talked about my inspiration of Audrey Hepburn’s simple Black Rockabilly Party Dress and a splash of Kate Spade color on our packaging.

My personal favorite between our two wedding album layouts of Stylized and Simplistic is… guess what? You’re right.  Simplistic.

Our Simplistic layout places the attention on your beautiful wedding photos.  You have a choice of white or black backgrounds, and optional borders around the images. Our designers are great in including your wedding color as accents for borders.  Without any graphic elements (colors, gradients, overlays, etc.), this style is perfect for those of you who loves the idea of “simple and clean”.

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Zoe's Thoughts

Weekend Thoughts – Random Acts of Kindness

April 18, 2015
Blog Image - Random Acts Of Kindness

It’s nice to do something nice or good to people through some random acts of kindness.

This weekend, try to do a heart-felt gesture of generosity or thoughtfulness to others.  Here are some ideas:

  • Give a Care Package to a homeless
  • Anonymously pay for someone’s dinner
  • Leave an envelope with cash to an underprivileged family
  • Leave a generous tip to a wait staff
  • Visit a Veterans’ Hospital and bring them treats as a sign of gratitude

Share with me what you did this weekend and how it made you feel.

While your thinking of a good deed, I’d like to share some of the best photos of random acts of kindness I’ve seen all over the internet.  I hope these will all inspire you. 🙂

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What is a Parent Album?

April 17, 2015
Parent Album 2

Are you wondering what a parent album is? A parent album is a replica and usually, a smaller version of the main album. They have exactly the same photos, layout and cover.

The main purpose of the parent album is, as the name suggests, to provide a copy of the wedding album for both the bride and the groom’s parents. Other brides, however, order parent album so they don’t need to bring their huge (and mostly heavy) main albums around if they want to show their wedding photos during outdoor gatherings.

Yours Truly’s parent albums are available in a-la-carte or in sets and can be ordered with your main album. They come with a replica photo wraparound cover, created to look just like your main album. As of the moment, our parent albums do not include leather.

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Preparations for June Brides Start Now! But Why June?

April 15, 2015
Blog Image - June Brides 1

It’s still more than a month to go before June but if you’re a June bride, the busy preparations begin now!

But why do most brides choose a June wedding? We did a few research and found some answers.

The tradition dates back to Roman times when they celebrated the festival of the deity of Juno and his wife Jupiter, who was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, on the first day of June. In Victorian times, the tradition is thought to have continued because there were flowers available for wedding decor, and the scent of the flowers (funny but history says this is true) masked body odor.

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Wishing You and Yours Truly Congrats!

April 13, 2015
STLS 2- 2

Dear Kristine and Stephen (Selfie Winners) and Amy and John (Share Your Love Story Winners),

Chad and I would like to personally give a “shout out” to the four of you for winning our Selfie Challenge and Share the Love Story wedding album contests, respectively.  We had many entries… it was a hard decision for our team of “love experts” but on one couple has to win! 🙂

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