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December 2014

Yours Truly, Zoe

Love, Life and Leisure: A New Year’s Resolution

December 31, 2014
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Before New Year’s Eve, Chad and I would set a “date” to carve out a few hours of our time and talk about our goals for the following year.

Our list looks like this:

2015 Goals:

Chad and Zoe’s Relationship Development

  • Continue to build on our solid foundation and NEVER EVER take each other for granted!
  • Continue our weekly “date nights” on either Thursdays or Fridays
  • Continue to celebrate our anniversary in Louisiana where we “officially” started dating  🙂
  • Spend more time with our friends
  • Begin our plans to move into a new home to start a family  🙂

Zoe’s Personal Development

  • Work out 5x per week (I’ll try!)
  • Eat healthier (This may be a tough one!)
  • Ensure balance with personal extracurricular

Chad’s Personal Development

  • Work out 5x per week (He’s better than me!)
  • Learn to cook more dishes (I can’t wait!)
  • Spend more time giving back to the community

Chad and Zoe’s Professional Development

  • Make Yours Truly the number one website for couples in love  🙂

So how does your list look for your New Year’s resolution that will grow your love, life and leisure?


Share The Love Story Contest Extended!

December 30, 2014
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Last December, we started an online promotion asking real-time couples (or at least one of them) to email us their love story. We believe that all love stories are special so we prepared an extra special prize for the best shared romance — a professionally- designed wedding photo album!

Since next month is the love month, we thought of extending the contest! Below are the instructions:

1. Think of the romantic moments that brought you and your special someone together. No strict formats! Let your creativity shine!

2. Share to us the details with some photos via email. Email it to

3. Submission of entries is extended until January 31, 2015.

4. On February 1, 2015, all entries will be published here on the blog.

5. From February 1 to February 27, 2015, each blog posts will be shared on social media. Finalists are also encouraged to help in attracting readers since the most read or visited post from the entries will win FREE Yours Truly Wedding Albums each. When we say free, that covers photo selection, design and layout and even shipping! 🙂

6. The winner shall be announced on February 28, 2015.

We’re all excited to read all your love stories. May the best romance win! 🙂

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Join The Couple Selfie Challenge Until March 31st!

December 28, 2014
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In 2014, we saw another domination of selfies all over the internet and we see the trend crossing over in 2015. So, let’s continue celebrating the love between you and your special someone with your smartphone as the main witness. We’re extending the #YoursTrulySelfieChallenge up to March 31, 2015!

The prize for the best and most-liked couple selfie? – A professional wedding album by Yours Truly! 

Post your couple selfie on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can be very creative on the caption, but don’t forget to include our official hash tag#YoursTrulySelfieChallenge. Tag @ytweddingalbums on Instagram and Twitter and Yours Truly Wedding Albums on Facebook.

There are a lot of fun ways to take selfies: During one of your dinners, while picking up your groceries, or just lounging around in your living room on a weekend. Engaged couples waiting for their big day, newlyweds or long-time partners are all welcome to join.

So, be ready to smile and say ‘Yours Truly’ and may the best selfie win! 🙂

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Yours Truly, Zoe

Home for the Holidays

December 26, 2014
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted the past days. You all know how crazy the holidays get. But besides the usual “hustle and bustle” that the season brings, Chad and I decided to do something different this year. We agreed to spend almost 3 weeks with our respective parents (just my mom in my case). It’s nice to be home for the Holidays.

Being “home” means seeings almost all my family members: mom, brother, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s great to see familiar faces especially my aunt and a few first cousins who I have nurtured such close relationships. Because of our busy lives with marriage and children, it has become more infrequent to see each other. But when we do, we’re just like little kids… laughing non-stop by reminiscing stories about our silliness! Next thing you know… days turned into nights of fun memories.

Being “home” also means visiting my dad in the cemetery. As much as I look forward to the trip to visit him, a part of me hesitates because it reminds me that my dad is really gone. It is also difficult for me to see my mom shed tears. My dad’s passing still feels new despite after many years.

Being “home” also means seeing my favorite cousin, Harry. We get to catch-up on current events in our lives. Unfortunately, his current “event” is something unpleasant. He and his wife are contemplating on separating after 20+ years. I had such a heavy heart as I listened to his struggles. But, the best that  I can do was to be his friend at the moment. We both talked about my parents’ “Cinderella Story” and how he wished to have found his own fairy tale.

Even though Chad and I celebrated our holidays hundreds of miles away, I made sure that I gifted him a box of “sweet love notes”. I dated each card for him to open one card each day. I thought that this will make it easier to be away from each other. But boy, do I miss him.

Before I leave my mom’s home, it’s customary for me to look through their wedding album. It’s enjoyable to see the photos of the day they professed their love for each other. It’s magical.

I hope that you’re spending your holidays surrounded by loved ones. I am fully surrounded with mine.

Yours Truly,



Holiday Business Schedule

December 23, 2014
Yours Truly Wedding Albums

What are albums for if there are no memories to keep. We don’t want to take away your attention from family and friends this holiday season so here is the schedule that we need to observe for Yours Truly Wedding Albums.

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Happy Holidays! 🙂


Yours Truly, Zoe

Love For Your In-Laws

December 18, 2014
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Relationships with in-laws come in 3 ways: Like. Dislike. Neutral.

My dad came from old money but my grandparents didn’t finish college nor barely finished high school.    He has 7 other siblings – all were very successful: 5 medical doctors, 1 dentist and 1 nurse/nutritionist.  My dad was the lone accountant amongst 8 children.

My mom came from a set of parents who worked hard to earn money and became successful.  She grew up in a comfortable environment. My grandfather was a business owner, highly educated with a degree in law but didn’t practice it.  My grandmother was college educated. Unfortunately, when my mom graduated from college, her parents’ business collapsed. They didn’t plan much for their future.


When my parents’ worlds colided..

It was the typical work relationship that most of you have heard.  My parents met at work and he was my mom’s boss.  Their relationship blossomed, got married, and then had two children.  But, their marriage started very rocky.  Not because of them but for the reasons that my dad’s parents did not easily accept my mom as she wasn’t one of those who came from old money.

Even though there were challenges with my grandparent’s resistance, my parents never allowed them to distract their devotion for each other.  My mom continued to show respect when opportunity arose. She never once asked my dad to choose between her or his parents.  Nor, did she ever place pressure on my dad to not see my grandparents because she knows how much he loves them.  I remember asking, “Why aren’t you upset with them?” And, she said, “I love your dad.  I love those who he loves. I know how much this hurts him…so why make it difficult?  One day they’ll come around.”

And, that “day” came 20+ years after when both of my grandparents got ill.  My dad never believed in nursing homes and wanted to care for them.  But, how can he take them in their home when they didn’t fully accept my mom?  He was torn.

When my mom saw that my dad seemed distraught after visiting with his parents, she asked why.  He told her how it hurt him so much to see them get old and sick.  She knew my dad’s wishes of caring for them.  Then my mom said, “Why don’t we take them in our home?  I can arrange one of the rooms to be theirs and we’ll hire two nurses to care for their medical needs.  I’ll manage the rest.”  My dad’s tears couldn’t roll fast enough down his cheeks and hugged my mom ever so tightly.  And she continued to say, “No need to cry…I do this because I love you – it’s as simple as that.”

My grandparents passed away in our home after 5 years under my parents’ care.  Before they died, my grandmother said to my mom, “Why did I make it difficult for you?” And, my mom said, “That’s the past, I’m glad you’re here and I’ll do everything to care for you.


Our 10 Favorite Celebrity Wedding Dresses

December 15, 2014
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When all the emotions have subsided after an overwhelmingly happy proposal, the first thing that comes to a bride-to-be’s mind is her wedding dress. Next year, designers predict detachable tulle overskirts and romantic off-the-shoulder necklines to be the trend in bridal gowns.

But before we look forward to another amazing year for weddings, let’s look back at some of the best celebrity bridal dresses. We trimmed down our list to our favorite ten. These extraordinary aisle fashions should inspire you to pick the picture- perfect wedding dress.

A conservative neckline and two huge puffed sleeves for Audrey Hepburn who was pictured here with first husband Mel Ferrer in 1954

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Off-the-shoulders became an instant favorite when Elizabeth Taylor wore one at her wedding with Conrad Hilton, Jr., her first time to walk down the aisle in 1950

Yours Truly Wedding Albums
A wedding gown fit for a princess  headlined Grace Kelly’s wedding with Rainier III, the  Prince of Monaco  in 1956

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Continue Reading…

Yours Truly, Zoe

A Thousand and One Questions

December 12, 2014
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Dear Yours Truly Readers,

I have a confession to make.

Before I married Chad, I was once engaged to another guy.  I broke off the engagement three months before our wedding date.  As sad as it was, I knew we weren’t mean to be.  And yes, ladies…I returned the engagement ring.  My ex-fiance didn’t want it back.  Instead, I overnighted the ring to his mom’s house!

I learned a lot from my past engagement.   Because I didn’t want to make the same mistakes nor do I ever want to get hurt again, I was extra cautious.  With Chad, I inundated him with a thousand and one questions: from my thoughtless queries to my most thought provoking interrogations. Although we were colleagues and friends…I never knew him as a Prince in my “Cinderella Story”.

The “thousand and one” questions opened our minds and hearts uninhibitedly.  In our marriage, we committed to remain honest about our emotions whether good or bad – they have to be expressed. They can’t be left unsaid.  We also promised that with our honesty, we would never be offended by anything the other person said.

My marriage couldn’t be any more fulfilling.  Chad and I are an “open book” in terms of what we share with each other. We encourage expressing our disappointments or frustrations with one another.  Although that seldom happens, Chad knows when I’m a little distant and my mind is consumed with other things.  He will ask if I want to talk and will wait patiently until I’m ready.  And, when I’m ready… he listens.  Then it’s his turn to ask a “thousand and one questions” until my sentiments are off my chest.

So Yours Truly Readers, take your time to ask questions and get to know each other deeply.  It’s ok to ask many until you’re satisfied.  After 6 year of marriage, whenever Chad hears me say, “Babe…I have a question?” (as I tilt my head to the right) – he displays this smirk on this face as he knows that this “phrase” will result in not just one question…but, a thousand more!

Yours Truly,



Bridal Bouquets for December Weddings

December 9, 2014
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Think of pine cones, berries, bells and even candy canes! Christmas bridal bouquets are meant to bring out the fun and spirited personality of the bride during “the most wonderful time of the year“. This is one of the reasons why it’s twice the fun to be married in December!

The creativity involves a play with colors: bright greens and reds of holly berries, silver gray bay leaves or evergreen pines. Laces and ribbons colored red, green, burgundy, gold or silver shall complete the holiday distinctiveness of your bouquet.

Here are some Christmas bridal bouquets that should complete your Holiday dream wedding.

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

Yours Truly Wedding Albums

bridal bouquet Continue Reading…

Yours Truly, Zoe

Please Don’t Forget About Me

December 3, 2014
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My dad is amazing. 

When he took his vow to marry my mom, his love for her grew even stronger as time passed. There were little things that he did to my mom which my brother and I admired.  The unexpected yellow roses (my mom’s favorite color) that he would surprise my mom with when he came home from work.  When my dad hasn’t seen my mom for some time in the house he would yell, “Julie, where are you? I haven’t seen you in a while”.

He would patiently wait for hours in the mall and he gladly carried her shopping bags while she continued to shop.  He made sure that he dropped her off at the front entrance of any restaurants, their home, doctor’s office, etc. when it’s raining hard- he also made sure that he picked her up.  And, after many years of marriage, as simple as holding each other’s hands while walking or while in the car driving, he showed care for my mom.  My brother and I would look at each other with grins on our faces.  Although he had such a soft heart towards my mom, he was her rock.

My dad, was mentally strong and served as our pillar.  Unfortunately he got ill not long after his retirement.  When he was diagnosed with cancer, he never shed a tear but instead asked the doctor how much longer he will live.  He held my mom’s hand and said, “No tears”.

In his last few days, he remained protective and caring of my mom.  He didn’t want to share any of the physical pains he experienced.  His response to my mom when asked, “I’m perfectly fine.  Don’t worry about me.”; even though he could hardly breathe.

Despite how my dad’s life ended, he remained positive all throughout his illness.  The one favor he asked from my mom was, “Please don’t forget about me and the great love that we had for each other.  Take care of yourself as I won’t be there to care for you.

My dad is just simply amazing.