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November 2014

Yours Truly, Zoe

Is Love Sweeter the Second Time Around?

November 21, 2014
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

Like the classic song by Frank Sinatra goes:

Love is lovelier
The second time around
Just as wonderful
With both feet on the ground…

Love’s more comfortable
The second time you fall
Like a friendly home
The second time you call…

So, can love be sweeter the second time around? Completely! Love is resilient to all kinds of troubles thrown its way. No matter when love comes around – first, second or third…, hang on to it. We are all entitled to be happy regardless of how many times you fall in love.

My mom is wonderful as you know. Although she has a Cinderella love story, she’s not critical of people’s relationships. Who are we to judge? She said, “No two human beings who met for the first time then fell in love has a crystal ball to tell their future. It’s a risk that both take while keeping their fingers crossed that their love will endure all things. Love is an investment – it doesn’t come for free – you earn it. If you don’t invest your time to nurture it – you shouldn’t expect much in return from it. If love is not for you the first time, life gives us second chances – it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you find it.

Love endures all things…what a powerful statement! And above all, love is an element that no one word can define. It’s a feeling that only YOU and your loved one can describe.

Yours Truly,


Yours Truly, Zoe

Marriage Can be a Cinderella Story

November 13, 2014
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

Dear Yours Truly Readers,

From my previous blog post on “Zoe’s Thoughts” entitled, Destiny, I shared with you a snippet of my mom and dad’s love story.  Up to the moment when my dad took his last breath, my mom promised to marry him all over again in their next lives.

My brother and I grew up with a set of parents who are loving, respectful, supportive, understanding, and compassionate of each other.  I’m sure most of you may say that this is normal of a couple who’s in love.

But, what’s uncommon about them is their philosophy of “fighting is not normal” in a marriage because if you truly love your spouse, why argue?  But, most married couples would say that “fighting is normal”.  Not in our house.  What’s also uncommon is how they raised me and my brother that “fighting is not normal” with siblings either.  I’m sure parents will say, “sibling rivalry” is very normal.  Not in our case.

As I grow up and learned to fall in love – I had this fantasy of a relationship with a “Cinderella” story.  I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it with my parents.  I will not stop searching until I find it.  Then, 11 years ago, I met my true love, my soul, my life, Chad.  He is my Prince Charming who will save me from all of life’s troubles and be my rock, my constant as we grow older together.  I have yet to remember an instant when we argued.  To be honest, I don’t think we ever did.

Yesterday, while Chad an I were looking at our wedding album, the topic about our friend came up who’s marriage unfortunately ended, it made us realize even more how lucky we are to have each other; not only because of all the obvious reasons.  But, because in our hearts, we deeply believe that marriage is a true Cinderella story, and that every couple should live Happily Ever After.

Yours Truly,


Yours Truly, Zoe


November 13, 2014
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

Is our destiny already planned for us as we were born?

My mom is full of great advice about “love and marriage”.  I respect her tremendously as she and my dad defines “true love” in its purest sense of the words.  My dad passed away about 13 years ago…and, to this date, my mom never fell in love again.  Each year, she remembers their wedding anniversary and offers white roses to my dad at the cemetery.  And each time, she never fails to cry.

Sometimes I wonder if being single is my mom’s destiny.  Or, is it her choice to be single?  When I was growing up she said that each of us has a path to our ultimate “destiny”.  It is our life choices that could take us to where we truly belong.  And those choices may present various heights of challenges and opportunities; regardless, all points lead to the same direction.

So my question is if my mom chooses to “date” again…will she change her path to being single as her ultimate destiny?  Or, is her destiny to be with the only one she’s truly loved…my dad.  I would not be surprise if she doesn’t find love the second time around.  As my dad took his last breath…my mom leaned on his forehead and whispered, “I will see you there…and if you propose to me, I will marry you all over again – I promise.

This is my favorite love story.

Yours Truly, Zoe, Zoe's Thoughts

Why a Wedding Album?

November 10, 2014
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Albums

Have you ever wondered why couples who plan to get married hire a wedding photographer,  yet question whether they need a wedding album or if a CD of photos is good enough?

There should be no doubt, that every couple needs a wedding album to remember the most precious day of their married life, regardless of the digital age.

One of my good friends, unfortunately, made a decision to not include a wedding album in their photography package.  She thought that having their wedding photos on a disk would be enough to hold their wedding memories.  Until the time when her grandmother passed away and she helped her mom organize her grandma’s house for sale.  My friend stumbled upon her grandmother’s wooden trunk of old items that brought back fond memories of her grandfather, her mom, aunts and uncles when they were little.  In the trunk, she saw pictures of her great grandparents, her grandma’s wedding gown and her grandparent’s wedding album, still intact outside the signs of brownish tinted edges on each wedding album page.  She flipped through them in awe and on the last page it read, “To my dearest children, may this album symbolize the story of how our love began and how it grew in each passing year. Please take good care of it as we have done so through many years.

I ‘ll never forget that day when my friend called me and asked if we could make her a wedding album.  Without a second wasted…Chad and I made a wedding album farthest from her wildest dreams.  That year, she and her husband celebrated their 10th year wedding anniversary… can you take a guess what present she gave to her husband?

Yours Truly, Zoe


November 3, 2014
serendipityYours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

A few blog posts ago, I talked about the Best Romance lines which I quoted from the movie The Bridges of Madison County.  It gives me chills whenever I think about it.

Last night, I watched the movie Serendipity (Kate Beckinsdale and John Cusack) with my husband, Chad.  It was his first time seeing the movie.  The “serendipitous” encounter towards the end of Sarah and Jonathan always gets to me…my husband and I cried! Oh c’mon who wouldn’t get emotional knowing that deep inside you have a soul mate who you thought was lost forever and then saw each other again after several years?

There were many signs that Sarah and Jonathan were meant to be or a “stroke of fate” as Sarah would call it.  But, the one significant part was the reference of the book “Love in the Time of Cholera”.  It is a book that neither Chad nor I have read.

So in one of my upcoming blogs, Chad and I will share with you our thoughts about Cholera. If you’ve read the book, tell me what you think… I want to hear!