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5 Creative Ways to Use your Engagement Photos!

October 30, 2014
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Let the excitement begin because….you’re engaged! By now you probably have engagement photos, printed out the ones you love, facebooked all 385 shots taken and entered them into every cutest couple contest across the web! (because obviously, you are the cutest couple!). But now what?

These days, many couples use their engagement photos on their save-the-date cards, but aren’t always sure how else they can be used. We have some amazing ideas on how to use those “cutest couple of the year” photos!


1.  Custom printed puzzles

Choose your favorite engagement photo and turn it into a puzzle! Allow guests of your engagement party or bridal shower to write words of advice on the back of each piece! In years to come or on anniversary’s, rebuild the puzzle together while re-reading each piece of advice!


2.  Sign in Guest Book

Gone are the days of signing your name and address in a book. Today’s brides want a more personal approach. A lot couples order brag books of their engagement pics, but take things one step further with a sign in guest book showing off your most amazing engagement photos! Guests can leave you a note of congratulations and you’ll have an amazing keepsake that you will cherish forever!


3. Add photos to table centerpieces

Another great idea is to add your engagement images to your reception table centerpieces. You can put them in an old mason jars, use them to show table numbers, or put them in frames on each table.


4. Wedding favors

Engagement photos are great for creating custom treat labels at your reception! Add your images to things like candy bars, wine bottle labels or even water bottles.


5.  Custom Postage Stamps

Make a custom postage stamp for your wedding invites using your engagement photos! These stamps can also be used for thank you cards and bridal shower invites as well.

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Brides on a budget freebies!

October 28, 2014
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It’s easy to become financially overwhelmed before your big day. The down-payments, the full-payments, the didn’t we already pay for that(??) moments, can drive a girl to reassess the appeal of a vegas drive through chapel, minutes after arriving on a red-eye flight.

But… a BFF running to your rescue, we have a few wedding FREEBIES that can help cut costs!


Free Save the Dates!

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Custom Wedding Monogram

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Favor Bag Labels

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Table Number Cards

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Best Romance Movie Lines

October 28, 2014
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Who wouldn’t fall in love with the romance film “The Bridges of Madison County”? Talk about experiencing “true love” and having your “soul mate” with you, regardless of the distance.

Remember the scene when Francesca and Robert Kincaid (Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood) tried to make sense of how to move on with their lives after spending several incredible days and nights together while Francesca’s family was away…

Francesca: You never in your life think that love like this can happen to you.

Robert Kincaid: But now that you have it…

Francesca: I want to keep it forever. I want to love you the way I do now for the rest of my life. Don’t you understand… we’ll lose it if we leave. I can’t make an entire life disappear to start a new one. All I can do is try to hold onto to both. Help me. Help me not lose loving you.

Robert Kincaid: This kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime.

I do believe that the certainty of “true love” comes once in a lifetime. It can never be forced. It comes when we least expect it.

Hearing love stories never tire me…in fact it fills my sentimental heart! What’s your love story? Please join our “Share Your Love Story” contest and win a Free Wedding Album! Click here to see full details of contest.

Good luck!



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Take the Selfie Challenge & Win!

October 28, 2014
Yours Truly Professional Wedding Album Company

Win a professional wedding album by joining the #YoursTrulySelfieChallenge and taking a couples selfie!

There are a lot of fun ways to take selfies, especially with your fiancé or husband. During one of your dinners or while picking up your groceries, all we need is a good mood to make great memories… And a chance to win a designer wedding photo album!

For the launch of Yours Truly Wedding Albums, we’re giving one lucky couple a  FREE wedding album! Engaged couples waiting for their big day, newlyweds or long-time partners are all welcome to join. What do we need from you? Just a selfie!

Post your selfie on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can be very creative on the caption, but don’t forget to include our official hash tag #YoursTrulySelfieChallenge and tag us: @ytweddingalbums on Instagram and Twitter and Yours Truly Wedding Albums on Facebook.

That simple! Winner will be chosen on March 31st. May the best selfie win!

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Around the World Wedding Traditions

October 21, 2014
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Are you looking to add some culturally traditional “roots” to your ceremony? Weddings from across the globe have different and unique traditions according to each persons culture. If you are looking to incorporate a cultural tradition, we have a few ideas for you! Do you have a cultural or even a family tradition that you would like to share with our readers? Email us, we’d love to hear!


Indian Culture:

There are many different rituals and ceremonies throughout India.

Engagement Ceremonies typically include the bride and groom exchanging rings and the families exchange gifts and goodies.

Before the wedding ceremony, the Mehendi Ceremony is usually held at the bride’s home and celebrates when the bride’s hands, legs, and feet are adorned with henna.

When the big day arrives, the bride and groom put flower garlands around each others necks to show the bride has accepted the groom as her husband.

Indian wedding celebrations often last for several days.


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Japanese Culture:

Japanese weddings are traditionally held in Shinto Shrines. The bride is painted white from head to toe, declaring she is a pure maiden. She also wears a white kimono and a beautiful head piece.

One interesting and unique tradition is the bride wearing a white hood (similar to a white veil). The white hood is said to hide her “horns of jealousy” that she feels toward her mother-in-law and to display her resolve to become a gentle, obedient wife. To symbolize their union, the couple drinks sake together and becomes husband and wife once the first sip is taken.

Brides have quite a few outfit changes during the reception, first changing into a red kimono and then later into a Western-style dress. Other brides choose to have 2 different days to celebrate, first the traditional Japanese ceremony and then a western ceremony the following day.


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Cuban Culture:
Due to Communist laws in Cuba, a wedding ceremony can’t be a religious event. But regardless of the religious values, that won’t stop Cubans!

Cubans celebrate by having a parade of guests and family members walking (and dancing) together in the streets, on their way to the wedding venue, leaving a trail of music in the air!

The brides dress has one major rule….the more extravagant the dress is the better! Dresses are usually made of silk or satin and includes full skirts and ruffles.

With the growing cost of these elaborate ceremonies, wedding guests conduct a money dance to help the new couple out. During the dance, every man who dances with the bride pins money to her dress to help the couple pay for their honeymoon.


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Welsh Culture:

A very popular Welsh engagement tradition is where the groom carves a spoon out of wood for his hopeful bride-to-be. (This obviously adds a whole new meaning to spooning!)  The spoon is meant to be worn like a pin, and if the woman chooses to do so, it means she accepts the proposal.

On a slightly more frightening note….brides in the Wales area are often kidnapped by their families just before their wedding day. The groom and his family follow and whoever rescues her will be the next to get married.

Welsh bride’s typically add myrtle to their bouquet, a symbol of love, and also give a cutting of the plant to her bridesmaids as well. If the bridesmaid plants the cutting in her yard and it blooms, according to tradition, she will soon marry.

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Dutch Culture:
A very traditional Dutch wedding custom is to create a wedding “wish tree”. At the reception a beautiful tree branch is placed next to the bride and groom’s table, and paper leaves attached to pieces of colorful ribbon are placed at each guest’s place setting. Guests write their special wish for the happy couple on their leaves, which the bride and groom can then read and hang on the tree.
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2014 Wedding Trends Spotted!

October 16, 2014
Yours Truly Wedding Albums

As 2014 slowly comes to an end, we take a moment to look back on the hottest wedding trends. Each year couples get more and more creative as they personalize every last detail to show-off their unique personalities.


1. Hottest color of 2014 was pink. (although some argue its purple)

Both brides and bridesmaids alike rocked this non-traditional color with confidence and finesse.


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Credit:, TR-,


2. Top Theme of the year was Shabby Chic!

Say hello to burlap, lace, mason jars and vintage twine covered vases. Brides have had so much fun with this vintage and woodsy theme and these ladies have gotten creative!

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3. Unusual Venues

Bride and grooms alike are choosing to forgo the traditional walk the aisle approach, followed by a hall reception and find a spot completely unique to their personalities.

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L- Image Source M-Image Source R- Image Source



 4.  Cakes and Sweet Treats

Traditionally there was 1 cake. That one cake typically had a top layer that was frozen and eaten on the happy couples 1 year anniversary. See here to better understand that tradition. Today, the cake game has changed. Go small, big, no cake at all, more than one cake, cake balls, cupcakes, or just put out a smores bar! Regardless of what you choose, there’s no wrong way and it’s more important that each idea is fun and unique!


wedding cakes and treats

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 5. The Little Details (aren’t always so little)

The 2014 brides and grooms are lighting up the night with these retro light-up marquee letters!

wedding marquee

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Fall Wedding Ideas

October 16, 2014
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Pumpkin spice lattes, over sized knit sweaters, and tall riding boots makes autumn a  great season to “fall” in love! Today we have rounded up some fall wedding ideas and inspiration just for you! If you are having (or had) a fall wedding we want to hear about it! Send us your story:



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Venues for the Budget Savvy Bride

October 16, 2014
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Are you a budget savvy bride looking for a ideas on how to create the most beautiful wedding known to man….without blowing your budget? We have some tips that can help take your dime a long way!

Wedding venues can be quite pricey, but with a little research, you can find a great place for a great price! Did you know that many public spaces, like parks or the local village green, may be available to rent at a low fee? How about renting someones space, like a friend who has a beautiful property or search online for private space rentals. Recently we came across and found a ton of great places to rent on the cheap!


The Brattle Lawn at Wesley University (Boston area)

Outdoor weddings and receptions are one of the hottest trends we saw in 2014, and with a little research they don’t have to be expensive. Check local schools and parks, like the Brattle Lawn at Wesley University. They rent the lawn on weekends for a much lower cost that most venues.

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Small intimate Loft Rental (Chicago area)

Having a smaller more intimate reception? Research loft spaces for daily rental. Loft spaces are more easily found in cities, and if you are located close to a larger metro area, this may be the perfect spot!

Yours Truly Wedding Albums


Outdoor country-chic rental  (Muscle Shoals, AL)

Looking for a unique outdoor property or grounds? Check out Craigslist’s Housing section under Vacation Rentals. These properties are usually rental only and by pitching your idea to them, they may just offer you an amazing price! Take a peek at this property in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Yours Truly Wedding Albums


Luxury Estate Rental (Washinton State)

Check out the airbnb website and search for elegant properties like this one found in Washington state. This estate not only allows you to use their grounds but sleeps up to 16 people, so nobody has to go home….and at the price of $850 for the stay, for the whole group. WOW! How can you beat that??

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Share your love story & win an album!

October 16, 2014
Yours Truly Wedding Albums

What is your love story?

With the endless stream of “chick flicks” produced by Hollywood every year, it’s not surprising that Gone with the Wind is still the most watched movie of all time, proving that there will always be a place for romance in the world.

Building a special relationship is something we cherish, as is the journey through life together, and the quest to live “happily ever after”. Everyone deserves to love, and to be loved.   Everyone is searching for that fairy tale romance we heard about as kids.

Love and Romance are the cornerstones of Yours Truly Wedding Albums – we exist to celebrate love affairs. But as much as we’re ready to wow you with gorgeous album layouts of your engagement or wedding photos, we believe that the process of making a photo album begins with a story… your love story.

So tell us your love story for a chance to be one of the winners of a free designer album!

Here are the instructions:

1. Think of the romantic moments that brought you and your special someone together. No strict formats! Let your creativity shine!

2. Share to us the details with some photos via email. Email it to

3. Submission of entries will be from December 1, 2014 to January 1, 2015.

4. On January 12, 2015, the five best entries will be published here on the blog.

5. From January 12 to February 12, 2014, each blog posts will be shared on social media. Finalists are also encouraged to help in attracting readers since the top two most read or visited posts from the five finalists will win free Yours Truly Wedding Albums each.

6. The winners shall be announced on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015.

We’re all excited to read all your love stories this Holiday season and may the best romances win! 🙂

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